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The staff at Kyoto is available to cater your parties at home or business. Inquire with the manager at the restaurant on how we can make your party a "SUSHI PARTY". We will provide a sushi chef, supplies, and all the partyware needed. 

 We are now equipped to serve all your catering needs. Our sushi chefs will take a Hoshizaki brand refrigerated sushi bar display just as you see in our restaurant!... and parked in front of your house or business you will have the Kyoto Catering Van. We will deliver everything fresh, clean, and in time.

We provide you with better service, and deliver high-quality sushi with a sushi chef on-site when you contract our catering services.  We will provide the partyware as well as soy sauce, chopsticks, ginger, and wasabi.

Contact the manager at the restaurant to discuss your catering needs

Jason preparing a Sushi Boat on a Hoshisaki refrigerated display
Catering Van Catering Van Catering Van
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