Cooked Japanese food, Sushi, and Sashimi

It is a misconception that all Japanese food or Sushi is raw. In fact, raw fish is only a part of the many delicacies that Japanese food can offer you. This page is dedicated to cooked Japanese food, Sushi, and Sahimi. These items can be cooked, boiled, pan-seared, grilled, or battered and deep fried (Tempura).

Here are the fish that are cooked. They can be served as sushi (over a small ball of vinegared rice), as sashimi (withouth the rice), or as part of a plate over noodles or rice.
Tako: Octopus. Boiled, served cold and sliced
Unagi: Eel. Cooked. Unagi is sweet, served warm
Kunsei: Smoked salmon. Cooked, smoked. Served cold
Kani: Crab meat sticks. Cooked
Ebi: Shrimp, Cooked, peeld and deveined
Tamago: Sweet egg omelette. Cooked
Taraba-Kani: King Crab Leg. Boiled
Tako Salad: Squid salad. Boiled  
Lobster: Boiled  
Fusion Tuna: Pan-seared (red center) served with a sweet and spicy sauce  
Soft shell crab. Boiled,battered and deep-fried, served either in a roll or as Tempura  

There are many rolls that are made or can be made with the above ingredients and vegetables such as cucumber, asparagus, avocado, yamagobo and kampyo. All these are marked in our interactive menu with a triple asterisk (***)

When you visit the Kyoto Japanese Restaurant, make sure you ask your server for all-cooked rolls and they will be happy to guide you.


Japanese food can be boiled. You can order thick noodle (Udon), rice (Don), or Soba (thin noodle) bowls topped different options. There are different Don and Udon bowls:
Nabe Yaki Udon: Japanese Noodles with shrinp, chicken, eggs, and vegetables in soup.  
Tempura Udon: Noodles with vegetables in soup. Shrimp Tempura on the side  
Yaki Udon: Noodles with Chicken and vegetables  
Remember that you can also ask for a chicken or beef plate such as:  
Habachi Chicken: Cooked chicken breast sauteed with a Hibachi sauce and vegetables, served with rice  
Beef Teriyaki: Grilled beef with teriyaki sauce  
Beef Negimaki: Seared rolled beef with a special sauce  
Beef Tataki: Grilled peppered beef with a special sauce  
There are more cooked plates in our entree list. You can go to our interactive menu for more information  
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